Why Choose Termo Shop as your partner?


At Termo Shop we know it can be challenging to choose a heat pump specialist. We believe you’ll find the Termo Shop’s team to be professional, skilled and friendly, and we hope you’ll partner with us for all of your heat pump needs. If you’re new to the Termo Shop’s team, here are some of the best reasons to entrust us with your safety, comfort and budget.



Our family-owned business was founded by Franc Šacer nearly two decades ago, and we’ve grown to be a one of leading Slovenian heat pump manufacturer. We’re proud to say that most of our customers are repeat customers, and the reason for that is clear. We offer superior craftsmanship, honest communication, and good-old-fashioned service.



Don’t be fooled. While we practice the lost art of client-focused service, there’s nothing “old school” about our products. We have experience with cutting-edge heat pump solutions and components, and we’ll recommend the most energy-efficient, cost-effective heat pump for your home or business.



Termo Shop goes above and beyond standard industry training to guarantee that our technicians are qualified, experienced and committed to excellence. Each technician undergoes rigorous coursework, a specialized exam and extensive training in our heat pump test lab to become certified.



Termo Shop is proud to be an A+ accredited member of the Excellent SME Slovenia, which is a business performance certificate. Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia is issuing the certificate in cooperation with the renowned credit rating agency COFACE Slovenia for the most successful small and medium companies in Slovenia.



Since april 2010 we are a proud member of the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA). EHPA represents the majority of the European heat pump industry. Its members comprise of heat pump and component manufacturers, research institutes, universities, testing labs and energy agencies.



To ensure quality and efficiency is the basis for a reliable and long-term functioning of a product. Since we build our mission on reliability and quality, we have our own laboratory, where development and testing of new products takes place. At the same time life-span testing of the heat pump is also carried out in this laboratory. In 2009 an entirely automated and computerized laboratory for testing of the heat pump was built. 



At Termo Shop, the customer is in focus: We listen to our customers and we meet their needs through a consistent focus on exploiting the opportunities that technology provides. Meeting your requirements is our most important priority. We believe that the only way to achieve this is to enter into a dialogue. This way we make sure that you receive not just a system, but rather a solution to your needs. Thanks to our comprehensive constructional know-how, Termo Shop is a strong dialogue and advisory partner. We believe that it is not enough to know everything about the heat pump. For us, success lies in providing you with the best possible solution.



All components in our heat pumps, from metal plates to valves, are literally tested from all angles throughout the production process. Our quality assurance routines and, not least, the operating test to which all our systems are subjected before they leave the factory, ensure that Termo Shop meets all the market’s quality requirements. However, in an effort to live up to our own high requirements, we often go one step further. This explains why there are claims on less than 1% of our heat pumps. That is a low figure, but we still intend to reduce it by half. No one is perfect and we are not afraid to learn from our mistakes in order to do things better next time. This is why we at Termo Shop constantly strive to improve our company as an entity and not least the quality of our heat pump solutions – especially with a view to improving production efficiency by means of measurement, dialogue, follow-ups and assessments.



Our experience, know-how and adaptability are factors which allow us to meet individual customer requirements. At the same time, our long-term focus means that we are often first movers when it comes to new trends and developments in the market. We often take part in innovation projects and are therefore a strong player when it comes to thinking out of the box and into the future. Moreover, our participation in such projects means that we maintain our position as frontrunner when the future comes closer. Ever since Termo Shop’s foundation, our capacity to adapt and exploit our skills to the full has been key to our success. We believe that this will also be the way ahead for us. We are players in a market that is constantly changing and developing.



Termo Shop strives to earn total satisfaction with every product or service. If, for any reason, you’re not happy with our product or service, just let us know - we’ll make it right 100% guaranteed.

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